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Long hours or lack of sleep can make you tired. This kind of physical weariness can often be remedied by a good night's sleep or extended time of rest. But there is more profound exhaustion that goes beyond the physical. There is an emotional depletion that comes from carrying heavy burdens and experiencing severe crises.

When the weariness is deep within, you can go on a vacation, but your soul will not be restored.  This kind of weariness, which can lead to unhealthy attitudes and behaviors, can only be remedied by learning to rest in Christ.

In the middle of Isaiah chapter 50, we find the third of the Servant Songs of Isaiah. Although it’s clear that this passage points to Jesus as the ideal representative of Israel, and not merely Isaiah, it is certainly applicable to all servants of God today.

Main idea: God trains the tongues of His servants to bring rest to weary souls.

To unfold this theme, we are going to look at three characteristics of the Servant of God. We must apply these to our lives not only to find rest for our own souls but to bring rest to the weary souls of others.

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